The 2023 University of Michigan Debate Institutes
June 18th – August 1st, 2023

2023 COVID-19 Update

» Michigan National Debate Institute
June 18th – July 5th, 2023
» MNDI and Extension Week
June 18th – July 9th, 2023
» Classic
July 6th – August 1st, 2023
» Classic Plus
July 2nd – August 1st, 2023
» Seven Week Program
June 18th – August 1st, 2023
» Kritik Lab
July 2nd – August 1st, 2023


Why should You choose
Michigan Debate Institutes
this summer?

» Experienced Faculty

» Vast Resources

» A Tradition of Diversity

» Proven Record of Success



2023 Georgetown University Tournament, Washington (DC), January 5-7, 2023

Kelly Phil/Rafael Pierry, 7-1 and Semifinalists
David McDermott/Kelly Skoulikaris, 6-2 and Octafinalists

Rafael Pierry, 6th Speaker
Kelly Phil, 7th Speaker


Former Students Say...

"I spent my last two summers attending the 7 week Michigan debate camp and plan on attending next year. The advanced coaching staff coupled with the rigorous yet rewarding curriculum ensured marked improvement in my debate skills. Students partake in various lectures given by the best debate coaches in the country to bring them up to speed on current events regarding the topic, as well as meta-level strategies to guarantee success in the upcoming season. My experience with lab leaders has been phenomenal, offering excellent feedback to improve as a debater from various angles, giving advice not only on how to prepare, but how to enhance my chances of victory during my debate rounds. Independently, the Michigan institute serves as a foundation for my preparedness going into the new debate season. My time within the Michigan Debate community has been nothing but fun, challenging, and rewarding for me and fellow teammates as well."
- Ahsan Tahirkheli, St. Mark's School of Texas (TX), 10/18/22, ()