The 2018 University of Michigan Debate Institutes
June 21 - August 3, 2018

» Michigan National Debate Institute, June 21st - July 8th, 2018
» MNDI and Extension Week, June 21st - July 13th, 2018
» Classic, July 9th - August 3rd, 2018
» Classic Plus, July 5th - August 3rd, 2018
» Seven Week Program, June 21st - August 3rd, 2018
» Seven Week K Lab, June 21st - August 3rd, 2018

Michigan Debate Institutes Alums This Year Have:
Our Students Say...
"Going to the Michigan Juniors Program was the best possible choice I could have made to work towards a successful third year of debate. The combination of nationally successful coaches as lab leaders combined with other very competitive junior debaters made for a summer that massively benefited my debating skills. I would recommend this program for anybody looking to have a successful season and have a great, fun summer."
- Aden Barton, Montgomery Bell Academy (TN), 11/29/2016
"The seven week program at the Michigan Debate Institute was one of the most enriching experiences I have had. I was able to meet and become friends with some of the most intellectual individuals from across the country. I was coached by the most qualified staff of experienced and thoughtful coaches that any camp could offer. The program challenged my skills as a debater, researcher, and student and significantly increased my appreciation for the activity as well as the work that goes into it. I would not trade the experience and the skills I learned for anything in the world and look forward to going back!"
- Camille Garcia-Mendoza, Carrollton School of The Sacred Heart (FL), 11/29/2016
"I can't imagine a better summer experience than the University of Michigan 7 Week Seniors Program. On top of the fact that Ann Arbor is heaven on earth, the lab leaders were incredibly informative and supportive throughout my seven weeks there. There is no environment that could have better prepared me for my senior year in debate: comprehensive lectures and group discussions, numerous practice debates, and intense research sessions. After spending two consecutive summers at the University of Michigan 7 Week Debate Camps, I can confidently say that no place has been more integral to my high school debate career."
- Julia Hunter, St. Vincent de Paul High School (CA), 11/29/2016
"Participating in the Kritik Lab over the summer at the University of Michigan was a one of a kind experience. Working with some of the great minds in the debate community as well as receiving daily lectures that expanded my knowledge in critical literature was only the start - I was able to not only improve my knowledge in how critical arguments interact with traditional arguments in contest round competition, but I was able to formulate my own arguments, affirmative cases, negative strategies, and more. This lab gave me the ability to truly take my debate talents to the next level."
- Ryan James, McDonogh School (MD), 11/30/2016
"Nothing compares to the Michigan Seven Week Seniors Lab. I had perhaps the single best experience of my life last summer, making lifelong friends and experiencing the wonderful town of Ann Arbor firsthand. The lab offers the best coaching, research resources, and competition in the country. Spending seven weeks learning and living with the best debaters in the country has put me on the path to success this year. Anyone who doesn't choose Michigan is truly missing out on an incredible opportunity."
- Connor Warshauer, New Trier High School (IL), 11/29/2016