Many of your questions can be answered on this page.

Top Hints for Quick Answers:

    1. Always email first (akall@umich.edu), We try very hard to get to emails
      the same day they are sent to us.
    2. Make sure you set your email filter to not block email or attachments from akall@umich.edu
    3. Make sure you enter the correct email and snail mail addresses on your application (this is how we will
      contact you after you apply). If these addresses change, please let me know.

What supplies should I bring? Does the institute provide anything?

You should bring pens, paper, a flash/jump drive, a fan, an Ethernet cable, twin long (80 inches x 36 inches) sheets, a blanket, towels, casual attire, an umbrella, a power/extension cord, a light jacket, toiletries, etc. Students should have a laptop and cell phone with them at camp.

How will I get my evidence home?

All evidence is available via Microsoft Word.

What is the process for admission?

All people admitted to the MNDI or the Classic will be notified via e-mail in rapid fashion. People who have applied to the Seven Week Program will be admitted on a rolling basis. We will send a letter of acceptance to the program along with instructions for solidifying your acceptance.

Can you tell me the names of other people from my area attending the camps?

No. It’s institute policy to keep everyone’s information private.

What forms of ID do I need to attend?

Bring a driver’s license or school ID if you have one. You will be provided a Michigan ID when you arrive.

Registration and Fees

Can the application fee be subtracted from the tuition or reimbursed?

No. The fee is non-refundable.

Can I pay part of the tuition at registration and the rest at the end of the camp?

No. Tuition in full is due before registration.

Can I get my deposit or tuition reimbursed if we do not attend the camp?

If you pay early deposit you cannot get reimbursed for your deposit. MNDI and Classic deposits are refundable
until February 1st. After February 1st NO PAYMENTS are refundable. This is necessary because we have to hire staff and reserve room space based on our hard numbers at this point.

Can I make payments with credit cards?

Prior to the start of the camp you can make payments for the camp using our secure webpage- https://michigandebate.com/payment-gateway/

Housing and Dormitory

What size sheets do I bring? Do we need pillows? Towels?

All beds are twin long (80 inches x 36 inches). You must bring your own sheets, blankets, pillows and towels.

Are roommate/partner requests guaranteed?

Yes, in most cases. Cross-institute requests are usually not honored.

Roommate and partner requests must be made in advance by both parties via email.

Can you tell me who my roommate is?

No, for privacy reasons we cannot. This is an institute policy.

Can you tell me my phone number in advance to give to my family and friends?

There are no longer telephones in the Residence Hall rooms. Students should have a cell phone with them at camp.

Can I request a single, double or triple?

Yes, there are few, if any, available. 99 percent of the rooms are double occupancy.

How safe is the Residence Hall?

The institute employs Resident Advisers to watch the Residence Hall floors every night. In addition to RA supervision, the institute office is staffed until 4 am every night by an adult from our staff. The University of Michigan assigns a safety officer to the Residence Hall for nighttime supervision. We offer the best staff to student ratio in the entire industry.

Is the Dorm Air Conditioned?

Yes, West Quad Residence Hall is newly renovated and air-conditioned. The South Quad Cafeteria, Undergraduate Library, and all classrooms are also air-conditioned.

Does my University Meal Plan Include Breakfast?

From Monday-Friday, yes. Only brunch is served on either Saturday or Sunday. There are several inexpensive places students can cheaply purchase breakfast each day that are located close to their dorm and classrooms. In addition, refrigerators are available for rental from the dormitory at registration and there are many stores within walking distance where a student can purchase breakfast supplies and food.

How can I address special Dietary Needs?

Please notify us of those needs in advance so we can check with housing to make sure we can accommodate those needs. If your child needs Kosher meals please notify us in advance so we can vet it with housing. Vegetarian and vegan options are available at the University dining halls.

Medical Issues

I have a special medical need, will someone help me?

Special medical needs, such as diabetes, are handled by our staff and University Health Services, if necessary. Please let us know in advance of your particular needs. Make sure you have notified and cleared special needs with us in advance of the camp.

What if I get sick during the camp?

You should immediately tell the people in the dormitory office. Based on the time of day and nature of the illness or accident we will either take the student to the University Health Services Office OR to the Emergency Room at the University of Michigan Hospital (a top 20 hospital system in the US). We will always also notify parents as soon as we can get in touch with them through the contact information we are given.

Students and Money at the Camp

How much spending money should you bring?

We recommend a few hundred dollars, although that could vary on the duration of your camp. Usually the most significant variable is food. Students that choose not to eat in the dorm will need more money than those that eat regularly in the dorm. Bring enough money to purchase toiletries, order pizza, visit Pinball Pete’s and eat some ice cream. You might also need to factor supplies into your calculations. There is an ATM located inside West Quad and several on campus.

Do you take credit cards on registration day?

No. Cash or check only will be accepted. You can pay via credit card in advance of registration. Please make sure your check is signed and made payable to the University of Michigan or Michigan Debate Institutes.

Are there other check-in charges?

Yes, there is a $50 refundable room deposit payment payable to the Michigan Debate Institutes due at check in. If your child does not damage the rooms we will not hold on to the deposit. In addition, it is possible to rent refrigerators on a first come first serve basis at check-in through the dormitory (University Housing handles these rentals).

Do I get a discount if I leave a few days early?

No. We pay for meals and dormitory space based on full attendance so we cannot offer discounts unless arrangements are made substantially in advance.

Are there washer and dryer facilities in the dorms?

Yes, washing and drying each cost $1.25 to wash and $1 per dry. Please bring quarters with you.

Can I rent a refrigerator at the camp?

Yes, the costs are $80.00 for a small fridge and $110.00 for a microwave-fridge. Michigan Debate does not profit from this transaction.

Transportation and Airport

Students should arrive between 12 Noon and 6 PM on the first date noted for a particular camp and depart between 8 AM and 12 PM on the final date noted for the particular camp.

Will someone pick me up at the airport?

No. Transportation from the airport to the campus is your responsibility. A cab or Uber/Lyft costs about $35-$50. You can make reservations with Trinity Airport Shuttle Service at (877) 284-4200. Additional cheap and safe alternatives are Ann Arbor Airport Shuttle (734) 222-9400 and Detroit Metro Cars (800) 456-1701.

The only exception to this rule is if your child is too young to be allowed off the plane without an adult. If your child needs this service you will have to make direct arrangements with us at our contact numbers or email address. There are no other exceptions to this rule.

How far is the airport from the campus?

About 25 minutes by car.

Where do I go?

West Quad Residence Hall, 541 Thompson St., Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Is the airport safe?

The Detroit Metro Airport is located in the suburb of Romulus and is continually rated one of the best and safest airports in the world.


I need to work out at a gym. Can I do that at Michigan?

Students don’t have access to University recreation facilities because of liability reasons. There are
several outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts and a quarter-mile running track located minutes from your residence hall – https://recsports.umich.edu/facility/palmer/

Can I attend religious services while at camp?

Yes. Students may do so with written permission from their parents or guardians, and permission from the Director.

Typical Day

What is a typical day like?

Lecture at 10:00 a.m., Library at 1:30 p.m., and Lab at 7:30 p.m.

How much free time will we have?

Not a great deal. Most of your time at the institute is structured, even your free time. We don’t begin until 1:30 p.m. on Sundays and students receive several mornings off throughout the camp. The institute tries to schedule various recreational activities as well.

Contacting Your Child

How can I get in contact in an emergency?

Students should bring cell phones with them. In addition to this method, your child will receive a book the first day of the camp that includes all of the emergency phone numbers (you should contact your child and exchange these numbers or get them at registration).  In the worst case, you can call the dorm debate office (the number for that office is also in the books as well as on the main page of our website once the camp starts).

How do I send mail?

Do not send mail during the institute to our debate office address at 911 N. University Ave. The correct address for student mail during the institute is:

Name of Student, C/O Michigan Debate Institutes, West Quad, 541 Thompson St., Ann Arbor, MI 48109