The 2020 University of Michigan Debate Institutes
June 18th – July 31st, 2020

Coronavirus Update

» Michigan National Debate Institute
June 18th – July 5th, 2020
» MNDI and Extension Week
June 18th – July 10th, 2020
» Classic
July 6th – July 31st, 2020
» Classic Plus
July 2nd – July 31st, 2020
» Seven Week Program
June 18th – July 31st, 2020
» Seven Week K Lab
June 18th – July 31st, 2020


Why should You choose
Michigan Debate Institutes
this summer?

» Experienced Faculty

» Vast Resources

» A Tradition of Diversity

» Proven Record of Success



Gonzaga University Tournament, Spokane (WA), October 30-November 2, 2020

Rafael Pierry/Giorgio Rabbini, 6-0 and Semifinalists
Kelly Phil/Brandon Stras, 4-2 and Octafinalists
Jeremy Margolin/Ethan Muse, 5-1 and Octafinalists
KJ Reese/Thomas Vance, 4-2 and Double Octafinalists

Rafael Pierry, 1st Speaker
Giorgio Rabbini, 2nd Speaker
Kelly Phil, 23rd Speaker


Former Students Say...

"7 Week Debate Camp made the summer of 2019 the best one yet. The debate community at the University of Michigan is so supportive and the environment is so positive. The staff at the University of Michigan Debate Institute are the most helpful individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. We received incredible lectures that prepared me for the upcoming season. The lab leaders pertained to campers’ individual needs and made sure that their in-lab lectures correlated with the techniques and arguments that needed to be strengthened within their lab. I formed connections and friendships with the other campers that will be sustained through my debate career, and hopefully throughout life. I’m so grateful to have been able to attend the seven week debate institute at the university of Michigan, and I sincerely look forward to next year."
- Hannah Rice, Salt Lake City West High School (UT), 10/06/2019 ()