The 2019 University of Michigan Debate Institutes
June 20 – August 2, 2019

» Michigan National Debate Institute
June 20th – July 7th, 2019
» MNDI and Extension Week
June 20th – July 12th, 2019
» Classic
July 8th – August 2nd, 2019
» Classic Plus
July 4th – August 2nd, 2019
» Seven Week Program
June 20th – August 2nd, 2019
» Seven Week K Lab
June 20th – August 2nd, 2019


Why should You choose
Michigan Debate Institutes
this summer?

» Experienced Faculty

» Vast Resources

» A Tradition of Diversity

» Proven Record of Success



Georgia State University, Atlanta (GA), September 15-17, 2018

Jacob Goldschlag/Caitlin Walrath, 6-2 and Octafinalists
Jonah Jacobs/Brian Roche, 6-2 and Double Octafinalists
Caitlin Walrath, 7th Speaker
Jacob Goldschlag, 20th Speaker


Former Students Say...

"The University of Michigan debate camp was definitely the highlight of my 2018 summer. I learned an incredible amount about the topic and arguments that previously confused me during lectures, honed my research skills during lab, improved greatly in my speaking and strategic vision during practice debates, and thoroughly enjoyed the camp tournament. I was repeatedly amazed by the unmatched diversity of research resources provided by Michigan, such as its expansive library and access to numerous databases and public journals. I also had the honor and privilege of meeting and learning from some legends in the debate community that I hold in the highest regard. And, needless to say, I fell in love with Ann Arbor and made some great friends. I cannot recommend the UMich summer debate camp enough, and hope to return next summer."
- Holland Bald, Westminster Schools (GA) ()