Seven Week Program

June 21st – August 3rd, 2018

If you are looking for the most comprehensive and challenging summer workshop experience, the Michigan Seven Week Program is for you. These labs offer the only cohesive, continuous Seven Week summer program for high school debaters. The Seven Week Program offers a student to faculty ratio of 10 to 1 or better a better ratio than any major lab in the country. In addition, the 2012 Seven Week Program participated in dozens of practice debates, attended dozens of lectures, and turned out arguably the best evidence set in the country. The Seven Week Program is available for rising Seniors and Juniors.

The Seven Week Program is our most exclusive camp. ONLY THE TOP Seniors and Juniors WILL BE ADMITTED TO THE SEVEN WEEK PROGRAM. The only applicants who are eligible are students who will be a Senior or Junior entering the 2015-2016 debate year. The Seven Week Program combines technological innovation (video-taped debates, paperless debate, etc.) with the best debate instructors in the country and our incredible University of Michigan research facilities to make the most comprehensive camp experience available in the United States.

Seven Week Program Instructors:

7 Week Seniors Lab 1- Brett Bricker/Eric Forslund/Dana Randall/Kevin Hirn

7 Week Seniors Lab 2- Kurt Fifelski/Jordan Foley/Jasmine Stidham/CV Vitolo/Jacob Goldschlag

7 Week Juniors Lab 1- David Heidt/Jason Peterson/Shunta Jordan/Jon Voss

7 Week Juniors Lab 2- Josh Clark/Scott Phillips/Caitlin Walrath/Whit Whitmore

7 Week Juniors Lab 3- Dustin Meyers-Levy/Collin Roark/val McIntosh

A list of the qualifications of these teachers is provided in our faculty section.

The unique format of the Seven Week Program ensures that students receive an intensive, comprehensive and non-duplicative curriculum. This year’s program will split the Seniors and Juniors into separate labs. The Seven Week Lab Leaders will split up the research assignments so that no assignments will be duplicative and every single student will receive every bit of evidence the five Seven Week Labs produce. The Seniors and Juniors labs will make practice round schedules together so you still have exposure to all of the Seven Week Faculty and teams. This program therefore offers unparalleled opportunities for in-depth instruction and learning, and extensive analysis of the new national debate resolution.

We believe that the structure of the Seven Week Program is entirely unique and cannot be duplicated in any other camp environment in the country. If you want to elevate every aspect of your debate ability in an intensive Seven Week environment this is the camp for you!

What did the 2015 students think of the experience:

Would you recommend the Michigan Debate Institutes to friends and teammates?- 97% yes

Would you recommend the Michigan Seniors Program to friends and teammates?- 100% yes

Would you recommend the Michigan Juniors Program to friends and teammates?- 100% yes


The cost of participating in a Seven Week Lab is $6550 plus a $60 Application Fee. Students who are admitted will be required to submit a non-refundable $1000 deposit shortly after receiving their acceptance. Payment of the balance must take place no later than June 1. Please check the “specials” section to see ways that you can save money while attending the Seven Week Program!

Application and Admission

Students who wish to apply to the Seven Week Program must submit a completed application by no later than May 1 and a $60 non-refundable application fee. Students will be notified of their admission status no later than May 1. Students attending must confirm via a non-refundable deposit shortly after their acceptance. Please do not call to inquire about admission status unless you have not heard from us by May 1 as there will be a wait list.

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