"The University of Michigan debate camp was definitely the highlight of my 2018 summer. I learned an incredible amount about the topic and arguments that previously confused me during lectures, honed my research skills during lab, improved greatly in my speaking and strategic vision during practice debates, and thoroughly enjoyed the camp tournament. I was repeatedly amazed by the unmatched diversity of research resources provided by Michigan, such as its expansive library and access to numerous databases and public journals. I also had the honor and privilege of meeting and learning from some legends in the debate community that I hold in the highest regard. And, needless to say, I fell in love with Ann Arbor and made some great friends. I cannot recommend the UMich summer debate camp enough, and hope to return next summer."

- Holland Bald, Westminster Schools (GA) ()

"Having attended the 7 Week K Lab, I grew so much intellectually. Focusing on diverse critical literature, the insanely intelligent lab leaders worked to not only teach me how to be a better debater but also a better person. The seven weeks have had a huge toll on how I debate but also how I view the activity. The K Lab not only introduced me to people I value and respect, but a family that I look forward to see at every tournament during the season. The lab also had the chance to speak with scholars like Fred Moten and Stefano Harney, among others, which made the experience all the more worth it. The camp experience itself brought competitive debaters all over the country so the practice, fun, and friendships made Michigan's debate camp incomparable to any other."

- Josh Jeong, Chattahoochee High School (GA) ()

"The University of Michigan Debate Camp has been the highlight of my year for the past two summers I've attended the program. Every aspect of the camp is above reproach. The research practice, informative lectures, and practice debates were integral to my understanding of the topic, and my ability to execute arguments. The Michigan camp inspires debaters to strive for excellence, and promotes this by leaving every resource at your disposal. I found that the personalized coaching encouraged questions, which allowed me to develop my skills in a way I can't imagine another camp facilitating. Not only does the camp prepare you for success, but it also fosters a community. Ann Arbor is an incredible town, and the camp ensures you have plenty of time to explore the campus with friends to make it your home. The memories I've made during the program are invaluable, and I'm sure that every debater will find the camp an unforgettable experience."

- Ayla Kaufman, Glenbrook North High School (IL) ()

"I can think of no better way to spend a summer than at the University of Michigan Debate Camp. During my 7 weeks in Ann Arbor, I met and learned from the most talented and inspiring coaches and debaters from around the country. It prepared me thoroughly for the season through stimulating lectures, competitive practice debates, and in-depth topic research. The camp offers a perfect blend of competition and camaraderie, and has given me friendships and skills that will last a lifetime."

- Grace Kessler, Washburn Rural High School (KS) ()

"My experience over the last several years at the Michigan Debate Institutes has been nothing less than outstanding. All of my lab leaders have been extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and were truly dedicated to helping us improve, including finding time to provide individual instruction and feedback. When combined with the tremendous resources for research and the high level of competition in practice debates, I can safely say that this program would serve any debater seeking to get better very well."

- Josh Leffler, Greenhill School (TX) ()

"My experience at the University of Michigan 7-week debate program was one that I believe to be incomparable to other programs. My time there allowed me to grow as a debater, student, and person. The relationships and bonds formed between my lab leaders and other debaters are what made UMich feel like home. The community atmosphere created a welcoming environment for debaters of all skill levels and gave me the opportunity me to gain valuable, portable skills that translated into a successful season. My quality experience at the 7-week program, learning from the best of the best, is one that I would not trade for anything."

- Shivan Moodley, Alpharetta High School (GA) ()

"I have attended the Michigan debate camps for two years now, and I can confidently say it is the best choice I have made in my debate career. The Michigan 7-week Juniors program allowed me to develop my skills as both a debater and researcher. Through numerous practice debates, speeches, and lectures with the best coaches and lab leaders in the country, I was able to improve my performance and enter the season feeling prepared. The research facilities and resources of the University are unparalleled in terms of depth and accessibility, and my hours of practice doing research at camp have allowed me to make key contributions to my team during the season. However, alongside debate, the debaters I have met in Ann Arbor have become some of my closest friends in high school. I can recommend no better camp for someone looking to improve their debate skills and have a fantastic summer exploring Ann Arbor."

- Rujuta Pandit, Glenbrook North High School (IL) ()

"Having never been to a top-tier camp in the 3 years I’ve been debating, going to the University of Michigan was a brand new experience for me. It made me very nervous (at first) to be there, but after 7 weeks I can say it was definitely the best choice I could have made for my final high school debate camp. Not only did I make loads of amazing friends, but I also got to compete against the best debaters in the country and learn from the best lab leaders the debate community has to offer. I would highly recommend attending!"

- KJ Reese, McQueen High School (NV) ()

"After attending the University of Michigan Debate Camp for three years, I noticed significant improvements with my debate performance. Debating with talented debaters in front of top-tier lab leaders allowed me to garner additional advice and techniques. The engaging lectures and interesting research taught me the topic, preparing me for the upcoming season. I would not trade the University of Michigan Debate Camp for the world as I have fond memories with lifelong friends!"

- Kelly Skoulikaris, Glenbrook South High School (IL) ()

"I absolutely loved attending the Michigan 7-week camp. My peers and I had the opportunity to receive individualized feedback on our speeches and research from a group of talented, passionate, and dedicated lab leaders who were genuinely committed to our success. The skills I developed at camp have been critical to the debates I’ve had this season. My love of debate only grew with each summer spent at Michigan, and I am so happy to have attended a camp that introduced me to some of my best friends who I still see at tournaments throughout the year."

- Sydney Young, Rowland Hall (UT) ()

"The University of Michigan debate institute is an all-encompassing summer experience. The instruction, debate education, and research opportunities are unparalleled, with the top coaches in the country as lab leaders, consistent and highly informative camp-wide and intra-lab lectures, and a vast set of collegiate-level resources available throughout the camp. Additionally, with talented debaters from all over the country attending, the plethora of practice debates throughout the duration of the camp challenge us to critically think and learn core-of-the-topic arguments, hence providing the best form of preparation for the upcoming season. Furthermore, the campus and surrounding environment enhance the overall experience with the variety of tasty food options, beautiful campus, and pleasant weather, making it a truly all-inclusive experience. I’ve made friendships and built relationships with fellow debaters that will last a lifetime; this is a summer experience that I would not trade for any other.”

- Suchetas Bokil, Alpharetta High School (GA) ()