"The past two summers I've spent have been incredibly informative, challenging, and fun. It was an honor to work with many of the top debate coaches and debaters in the country. Every single lab leader was excellent at offering in-depth feedback, useful insight both about debate generally and about the topic, and at creating an enjoyable lab experience. Lab leaders made themselves available to listen to speech redos, answer questions, and provide feedback and guidance over research. Their commitment to helping each debater improve was inspiring and I feel incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them. Both the camp-wide and lab-specific lectures were in-depth and I was constantly learning new information. Debaters have many practice debate opportunities over the course of the camp. These debates are highly challenging and competitive and debaters have access to excellent feedback afterward. Being surrounded by motivated and hard-working debaters pushed me to work as hard as possible as well. My experiences at seven-week have helped me become a better debater and I cannot wait to return next year. I cannot recommend it highly enough to any debater interested."

- Eleanor Barrett, Liberal Arts and Science Academy (TX), 10/9/2021, ()

"The seven-week debate program at the University of Michigan has been indispensable to my growth and success as a high school debater because of the unparalleled resources it offers. The staff provided detailed and comprehensive lectures on core topic controversies and debate theory combined with student discussion. Furthermore, the program offered live lectures from well-regarded topic experts from various academic and scientific institutions on a litany of areas, which allowed me to learn from researchers and experience an academic discussion. With the knowledge gained from topic lectures, I could translate that into evidence with support from my lab leaders and access to the University of Michigan Library’s databases and staff. Most importantly, confidence was instilled in me through a rigorous series of practice debates, combining the research and lecture components of the camp. While I was unable to be in Ann Arbor, the program maintained a talented set of lab leaders that hailed from across the country, offering diversity in thought, personality, and debate background, which allows anyone to find what they are looking for, whether beginner or champion. I am so grateful for the expertise and experience the seven-week debate camp at the University of Michigan provided me. I would highly recommend it to all debaters."

- Sohan Bellam, Glenbrook North High School (IL), 10/9/2021, ()

"The seven weeks that I spent at the UM debate camp this past summer were the most rewarding experience of my debate career. The combination of incredibly knowledgeable lab leaders who consistently made themselves available to me (even despite the online nature of the camp), and my labmates who were genuinely interested in growing together was invaluable. It created a supportive environment where I wasn't afraid to ask a question or be wrong. I would recommend the seven week program to any debater looking to develop their skill at the game while also making friendships with talented debaters from all over the country. The preparation I received in the form of lectures, drills and practice debates left me feeling confident and prepared for the challenges the new season would bring."

- Sheima Ben-Abdallah, Leon M. Goldstein High School (NY), 10/14/2021, ()

"Many people question whether online debate camp will be any fun. As someone who has attended the 7-week program twice, I can confidently say the Michigan debate camp certainly is. The campus is beautiful, but the program itself is far more special. The debaters who attend are the best of the best. Not only does this create a rare learning environment, but it allows you to make friends with the debaters you face in late elimination rounds throughout the year. I strongly recommend the Michigan Summer Debate Institute to anyone who seeks to excel over the season."

- Ram Gorthi, Bellarmine College Preparatory (CA), 10/10/2021, ()

"The Seven Week Juniors program was transformative for my debate career. Despite the online format, the atmosphere was great, for there were many ambitious debaters who constantly sought to improve their craft which created an environment for hard work. The lab leaders gave valuable and interactive lectures along with incredible and detailed feedback for practice debates and research. The morning lectures from topic authors and experts left me with a cornucopia of topic knowledge. Although the camp made the students work hard, I was able to meet some of my best friends in the lab whom I speak with on a daily basis. I am thankful for the University of Michigan for adjusting to the online format while continuing to provide a fun and educational camp experience!"

- Marshall Green, Montgomery Bell Academy (TN), 10/11/2021, ()

"My time at the University of Michigan's 7 Week Debate Program set up my high school career as a whole. I was able to have one of the most educational experiences of my life and had fun while doing it. Besides learning about debate, I learned about any and everything about the entire world, about anything from how governments function to whether or not we exist inside of a simulation. My lab leaders were extremely helpful and guided me through both the basic and more advanced portions of the debate world, allowing me to flourish in my individual career. Although camp was online, the experience was something like no other, and a program I would do again. If not for the intense and expansive program that I was able to enjoy from Michigan, I would not have been nearly as successful as I was within my career. The Michigan community was extremely helpful and I was able to find some of the best friends I could have asked for within the camp. I am so thankful that I was able to go to the amazing program in Michigan, and I'd recommend it to everyone who is interested."

- Michael Greenberg, Pine Crest School (FL), 10/16/2021, ()

"Attending the 7-Week Michigan Debate Camp for the past two years despite being online has been intellectually stimulating, rigorous, and vital to my success as a debater. It has elevated my level of debating from having a negative record at most tournaments to breaking at a majority of the tournaments that I attend and improved my debating in a way that I would not have previously thought to be possible. The University of Michigan Debate Institute hosts some of the most well-known, experienced, and brightest lab leaders in the country at both the Senior and Junior 7-week programs who massively have influenced my debating through lab sessions which hone in on particular skills and arguments that I need to work on, amazing feedback for my speech redos, and one-on-one time during office hours with each individual lab leader where you can pick their brains for hours on end. Other than lab leaders you have access to many other resources such as the University Library, engaging comprehensive lectures many of the times from policy experts which have active Q+As, as well as debaters from all over the nation in the lab in which you can learn from as well. Whether you like file production and want to improve your researching skills, want to improve your advocacy and speaking skills, or just want to have fun, make friends, and meet some of the brightest minds in the country, the Michigan Debate Camp is a program that I would strongly recommend!"

- Eric Li, Eagan High School (MN), 10/13/2021, ()

"The University of Michigan 7 Week Debate Program was fundamental to my growth as a debater for the past few summers. Being able to learn from camp-wide lectures on common arguments, surveys of certain areas of the topic, and presentations from expert lecturers prepared me with key background information and advice on how to approach a whole year of debates. Lab instruction was individualized, with lab leaders giving specific feedback for each debate, redo, and drill I went through, as well as answering any questions I had and even preparing lectures on arguments tailored to improving on one's weaknesses. Even though it was online, camp still retained the same element of a welcoming and supportive environment between debaters that makes debate such a fun activity."

- Benjamin Manens, Bellarmine College Preparatory (CA), 10/10/2021, ()

"University of Michigan's debate camp has been the highlight of each of my last three years. Michigan excels at every aspect of teaching debate; its lab leaders are unmatched at any other camp in the country, it produces the most and the best evidence of any camp, and its organization and intensity are beyond compare. At Michigan, you get to learn not only from lectures, advice, and one-on-one time with its stellar faculty, but also from practice debates, discussions, and strategizing with some of the brightest debaters in the country of your same age. Michigan's camp is where I met almost all of my debate friends and found a group of intelligent, talented, like-minded peers that I will undoubtedly stay in touch with for years to come. After attending the four week program sophomore year, I had no doubt that I'd be returning for seven weeks for the rest of high school. I'd go again in an instant if I could."

- David McDermott, Walter Payton High School (IL), 10/15/2021, ()

"The past summer in Michigan’s seven week program was amazing and has improved my research, analytical, and critical thinking skills. The lab leaders and community are welcoming, and made even online camp enjoyable. Michigan’s daily lectures by lab leaders and topic experts have helped prepare me for the season. In addition, they provided access to a lot of practice that has been invaluable and helped me really improve over the summer through drills, practice debates and the end of camp tournament."

- Jessie Satovsky, Lowell High School (CA), 10/10/2021, ()

'The seven-week seniors program has been one of the most influential experiences in my debate career. It not only taught me new arguments, and helped me massively in debate, but also got me together with a group of people that are just as much into debate as I am, in which I found many friends that I wouldn't have without this camp. It also exposed me to a lot of what the top debaters and coaches community consensus on a lot of debate arguments were. It gave me the opportunity to receive many practice rounds against some of the best teams in the country, which drastically improved my debating in an extremely short amount of time. Ultimately, I'm extremely glad that I chose to go to this camp- it has greatly accelerated my debate career."

- Archen Sen, Eagan (MN), 10/9/2021, ()

"Attending the 7 Week Juniors program at the University of Michigan was by far the best decision I could have made when it came to improving my skills as a debater. The lab leaders in the juniors lab were amazing and were always there to ensure the success of their respective labs. Furthermore, the camp-wide lectures were very useful for learning important topic information. In particular, I really enjoyed how there were dedicated Q&A periods for each lecture and how every lab leader and lecturer would go above and beyond when answering questions. The lab leaders would also do a great job in making sure debaters do not become burned out by allocating time for breaks and fun. In addition, attending the 7 Week Juniors program let me participate in numerous practice debates against some of the top debaters in the country which greatly improved my skills in the process. Overall, attending 7 weeks of camp at the University of Michigan was an experience I would not trade for anything else."

- Anish Thatiparthi, Alpharetta High School (GA), 10/12/2021, ()

"Attending the Michigan 7 Week Lab for the second year in a row, I can wholeheartedly say that it's been a transformative experience for my debate career. Michigan's combination of in-depth camp-wide lectures and argument breakdowns in lab provide necessary topic education and argument development necessary to be successful during the season. The experience of the lab leaders at the Michigan camp is unparalleled, and each and every one only has the goal of helping the students improve, shown by how lectures in lab were based on students' feedback and there were extensive question and answer sessions. The practice debates at the 7 week lab are also very challenging and fun, pushing me to innovate and revise strategy every time. My time at the Michigan camp has increased my growth as a debater exponentially and I highly recommend it to all debaters."

- Pranay Ippagunta, Northview High School (GA), 10/18/2021, ()

"The summer of 2022 will be my fourth and final year attending the Michigan Debate camp. Despite two of those past years being completely virtual, I can say with full confidence that every single summer has improved my debating by several orders of magnitude. The lab leaders are top-tier. Their experience at the highest levels of the activity creates engaging lectures, constructive post-round feedback, and unmatched help with research. The students, however, really complete the package—not only as competitors, but also as collaborators and close friends. Discussions in and out of lab sessions with like-minded peers have been crucial to my development. Those back and forths over arguments we disagree about or ones we are thoroughly confused by help everyone involved. Debate is never easy, but the Michigan Debate Institute certainly makes it easier."

- Chanden Climaco, Montgomery Bell Academy (TN), 10/19/2021, ()

"The Michigan seven week seniors lab was an enjoyable and challenging experience, and I had the opportunity to work with some of the best debaters in the country. The lab leaders are truly amazing and I learned a tremendous amount from them. I first attended Michigan my junior year by recommendation of coaches and had such a positive experience I decided to return for my senior year. The program offers a good balance of lectures, group discussions, research, and practice debates, and because of that it helps students to improve holistically. The evidence set created is unmatched by any other camp, and everyone is continually working to improve and innovate arguments. And I've met other students from around the country who I'll stay in contact with for years."

- Derek DeVito, Mamaroneck High School (NY), 11/1/2021, ()

"The Seven Week UM debate camp was among the most challenging, yet transformative experiences I have had in debate. I will always be incredibly grateful to my lab leaders for their constant willingness to listen to one more redo or judge one more practice debate -- to help me strengthen my technical skills and argumentative style in order for me to achieve my highest aspirations. The deep and varied knowledge of my lab leaders was instrumental in expanding the scope of my proficiency and exposing me to a multitude of perspectives on debate as an activity, and their commitment to providing excellent instruction and aiding the personal growth of each and every debater was unparalleled. The content we received, in the form of daily lectures from lab leaders and academic scholars, the scholarly resources available to us, as well as the amount of intense practice and qualified feedback were all monumental to my development as a debater -- I entered my season feeling well prepared by the quality of education I received this summer. As such I would highly recommend attending UM debate camp to any debater looking to spend seven weeks of their summer in rigorous and rewarding preparation for a successful career."

- NIkita Raman, Presentation High School (CA), 11/4/2021, ()

"The UMICH Kritik Lab was exceptionally helpful for me- I was able to work with undoubtedly some of the brightest minds in debate. The diverse perspectives and experiences of the Kritik Lab leaders provided a priceless experience that shaped my success as not just a debater, but an ethical person. From the loving encouragement I got from Quaram Robinson and our practice debate together where I got to be her 1N, to spending time with fun lab leader Giorgio Rabbini. I also found Marquis Ard’s lectures to be extremely insightful and full of encouragement, as well as Brian Rubaie’s kindness and expertise to reflect his intelligence and ability to help me learn. Practice debates, research labs, K Lab community and friendship, and shared thoughts all helped me learn to collaborate and extended far beyond what I previously thought myself capable of. I can honestly say that this past camp experience was priceless, and I’ll remember the times I spent last summer for many years to come."

- Antonio Souchet, Berkeley Prep School (FL), 11/23/2021, ()

“My time at the 7 week Michigan debate camp created the backbone for how I have debated throughout my debate career. My time at the Michigan Debate Camp was filled with positive experiences; weather it was one-on-one time with lab leaders, camp wide lectures, or the early reading sessions, Michigan provided education on every one of my interests. Although there are many questions surrounding the new online debate camp experience, I can attest to the efficacy of the program to provide a well-structured and hyper-informative environment for all levels of debaters. Overall, Michigan undoubtedly provided a learning environment that cultivated my skills as a debater whether it was through re-dos from practice debates, pre-dos in front of your lab leader, or content questions about critical theory, the 7-week camp provided a friendly and educational atmosphere for any debater looking to improve their skills.”

- Peter Zinober, Berkeley Prep School (FL), 11/29/2021, ()