"7 Week Debate Camp made the summer of 2019 the best one yet. The debate community at the University of Michigan is so supportive and the environment is so positive. The staff at the University of Michigan Debate Institute are the most helpful individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. We received incredible lectures that prepared me for the upcoming season. The lab leaders pertained to campers’ individual needs and made sure that their in-lab lectures correlated with the techniques and arguments that needed to be strengthened within their lab. I formed connections and friendships with the other campers that will be sustained through my debate career, and hopefully throughout life. I’m so grateful to have been able to attend the seven week debate institute at the university of Michigan, and I sincerely look forward to next year."

- Hannah Rice, Salt Lake City West High School (UT), 10/06/2019 ()

" I truly enjoyed being able to attend the University of Michigan Debate Camp this past summer. The educational opportunities provided at the seven week program are unmatched. I was able to thoroughly develop my knowledge of the topic through camp wide lectures and individualized explanations of arguments within my lab. The comprehensive feedback provided by lab leaders, competition in practice debates, and numerous hours I spent on research allowed me to hone my skills as a debater. Ann Arbor is a fantastic location to spend the summer at. The campus is beautiful and the program provides plenty of free time to explore it and make great memories. I have met some of my closest friends at Michigan; everyone was very welcoming and my lab was very supportive of each other. I would highly recommend the camp to anyone looking for an incredible summer experience and the opportunity to elevate their debate skills."

- Nicole Piekut, Maine East High School (IL), 10/06/2019 ()

"The 7-Week Junior Program at the University of Michigan Debate Camp was one of the most enriching experiences for any style of debater. Not only are you able to refine your skills among some of the greatest lab leaders and coaches, but you are provided with fierce competition which aids you in your development as a debater. The lectures, wide swath of research materials, and knowledgeable lab leaders provide an environment dedicated to argument refinement and research improvement. Also, intra-lab and inter-lab debates with good judging is something that not every camp provides, but it is integral to the process of development in the 7-week Junior program. Aside from debating, it's truly an amazing experience to live in the city of Ann Arbor because UM is known as one of the nation's top universities. Some of my closest friends have come from this program, and the relationships that you build last throughout high school. It's an unbelievable experience that I would recommend to any debater who wants to experience competitive success."

- Connor Li, Westminster Schools (GA), 10/06/2019 ()

"The University of Michigan debate camp was immensely educational and fun! The combination of receiving lectures from some of the seminal coaches of this generation, having countless practice debates against the top debaters in the nation, and grinding out research sessions under the guidance of knowledgeable lab leaders was absolutely central to my improvement as a debater and student. The Top Seniors lab's environment was so supportive, and the friends I have made at camp will stay with me for a long time. I miss the Ann Arbor sunsets and I would absolutely recommend attending this camp to anyone who's willing to push themselves to work hard and truly dedicated to improving their debating skills while having a great time along the way."

- Spencer Williams, Oregon Episcopal School (OR), 10/06/2019 ()

"My experience at the University of Michigan debate institute was unmatched by any other major program. The combination of the top-tier lab leaders, research opportunities, individualized feedback, and talented peers helped prepare me for the upcoming season. Additionally, the camp-wide lectures were something I had not experienced at any other institution. Coming from a smaller school without a coach to talk through arguments, these lectures were incredibly formative of the way I think through said arguments. Furthermore, the environment at the institute was unequivocally positive, making it a wonderful learning environment. The Michigan Debate Camp helped to foster my love for debate in every aspect, and I would strongly recommend attending!"

- Dhruv Ahuja, Chaminade College Preparatory (CA), 10/06/2019 ()

"My senior year was my first time attending the University of Michigan debate camp. Debating with and against the best debaters in the country pushed me to improve my technical skills and expand my knowledge of the topic. The lab leaders were always willing to listen to a speech redo and provided immensely helpful feedback. The experiences I had over the summer with the friends I made at camp left me with memories I will never forget."

- Alexa Tsai, Oregon Episcopal School (OR), 10/06/2019 ()

"Having attended the Michigan Debate Institute over 3 summers, I can confidently say that there is no other way I would rather have spent those 21 weeks. Not only was I given the opportunity to learn and grow from a group of the most intelligent and inspiring minds of this activity, but I was able to establish some of the best friendships I have ever had. Both my peers and lab leaders helped foster my growth in debate as well as my personal growth, and ultimately, Michigan Debate has become an integral part of my high school experience."

- Maddie Pieropan, Blue Valley Southwest High School (KS), 10/06/2019 ()

"The seven week junior’s programs is an environment where the lab leaders truly care about improving your skills. It set me up for a year of success, and was simultaneously an overall very fun experience."

- Mia Leutzinger, McQueen High School (NV), 10/06/2019 ()

"For the past two summers, my time at the Michigan debate camp has been unforgettable. Both years - but especially the Seniors program - revolutionized how I think about debate and execute arguments. This summer, I again had the privilege to learn from some of the most brilliant people in the activity for seven weeks and improved greatly as a result. The lab leaders are unparalleled both in their knowledge and in their accessibility - they were always available to bounce ideas off of or field any questions I had. The lectures, both camp-wide and in-lab, over both years have been essential to my knowledge of the topic as well as of specific arguments and I couldn't imagine any better way to hone my skills. Camp has also been where I've made some of the best friends I have and made some incredible memories in beautiful Ann Arbor. I can't wait to return and would highly recommend the program to debaters of all skill and interest levels."

- Holland Bald, Westminster Schools (GA), 10/06/2019 ()

"The past two summers I spent at the University of Michigan debate camp were nothing short of incredible. Every expectation of the program I had both before my junior and senior year was surpassed by the devoted lab leaders, enthusiastic students, and warm camp environment. The camp's lectures, resources, and practice debates have been integral in transforming my skills as a debater and fostering my in-depth understanding of the topic. In the seven weeks that go by all too fast, Ann Arbor quickly becomes a home where you can find top-notch açaí bowls, beautiful sunsets, and the most brilliant people that I can call my absolute best friends. I wouldn't trade my summers in Michigan for anything."

- Grace Kessler, Washburn Rural High School (KS), 10/06/2019 ()

"I have now spent five summers at the University of Michigan Debate Camp, and there is no question to me that the institute was integral to the value and success that I found within this activity. Each year, I entered the season confident because I had already had a multitude of practice debates with some of the most talented debaters around the country and lectures from the best debate minds. I'm very grateful for having had the opportunity to attend, and I highly recommend the camp for anyone looking to get better at debate and make great friends while they're at it."

- Aden Barton, Montgomery Bell Academy (TN), 10/06/2019 ()

"Attending the University of Michigan Debate Camp has been the highlight of my past two summers. Having the opportunity to attend comprehensive lectures about the topic, debate other talented students, and hone my research and speech skills has left me well prepared for the upcoming season. I was able to work with amazing lab leaders who were dedicated to helping debaters improve through providing individualized and targeted feedback. UMich offers a welcoming environment to debaters of all skill levels that not only helps facilitate the growth of attendees as debaters, but also as people. After a wonderful seven weeks, I have left feeling like I have formed a family, one which I look forward to seeing throughout the year. I would recommend the Michigan camp to anyone seeking to have a memorable, yet educational, summer."

- Bella Piekut, Maine East High School (IL), 10/06/2019 ()

"I cannot imagine spending my last three summers anywhere other than the University of Michigan's Debate Camp. From access to top level research facilities to informative lectures and the most brilliant debate minds, the 7 weeks program leaves every resource at your disposal. I've found the personalized feedback and practice debates against the best debaters in the country have been integral to developing my ability to execute arguments over the season. Not only does the camp prepare you for success, but it also fosters a community. The friendly atmosphere of lab has left me with my closest friends and the camp ensures you have plenty of time to explore Ann Arbor and make it your home. The memories I've made these last few summers are invaluable, and I'm sure that every debater will find the camp an unforgettable experience."

- Ayla Kaufman, Glenbrook North High School (IL), 10/07/2019 ()

"Attending the Seven Week Juniors Program proved to be one of my most rewarding and memorable experiences. The University of Michigan provides ample opportunity for students to grow as people and debaters as well. One of the things that distinguishes the Michigan Seven Week program from other camps across the nation is the unparalleled access to renowned coaches across the country. From lab sessions to presentations from topic experts, the Seven Week Camp guarantees that individuals walk out with far more knowledge than they did before attending. In addition to the excellent coaching, the Seven Week Camp attracts the best competitors from across the country, and thus encourages attendees to improve through the most rigorous competition. If you’re looking for a debate camp to attend this summer, the University of Michigan is the place to be!"

- Adarsh Hiremath, Bellarmine College Preparatory (CA), 10/07/2019 ()

"Summer camp at Michigan was an invaluable and immensely rewarding experience. I think I developed more as a debater at camp than I had done during the entirety of the school year preceding it. My lab leaders always made sure I was progressing in my abilities and my peers became some of my closest friends. I would highly recommend going to camp at Michigan for anyone who’s looking to take their debate abilities to the next level. Fundamentally, you get out of it what you put in, so it’s invaluable for dedicated and motivated debaters."

- Surya Midha, Bellarmine College Preparatory (CA), 10/07/2019 ()

"The two summers I’ve spent at the University of Michigan have been some of the best weeks of my life. The Seniors program especially helped me as a debater in ways that I cannot even begin to explain; having the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced and intelligent people in this activity for seven weeks is a privilege that I am truly grateful for. I have made some of my best friends at debate camp, and I’ve made some unforgettable memories in Ann Arbor. I highly recommend the camp to any and all debaters looking to hone their skills and meet wonderful new people."

- Bernard Medeiros, Homestead High School (WI), 10/07/2019 ()

"After attending the Michigan Debate Camp for the past two years, I can confidently say that it was worthwhile. The 7 Week Juniors Program at the University of Michigan is unmatched in the quality of argumentation, research, and competition invoked by the vast array of resources and brilliant lab leaders. The labs created a competitive environment ripe with intellectual discussion, informative lectures, and thoughtful advice to ensure success and well being throughout the year. In addition to the educational benefits, being able to enjoy all that Ann Arbor has to offer with your friends makes the experience one of a kind. The friendships made and the experienced gained really make the 7 weeks last a long time, and I would strongly recommend it to any debaters looking for a camp this summer."

- Tony Miklovis, Glenbrook North High School (IL), 10/07/2019 ()

"The Seven Week Seniors Program truly transformed both my debate skills and experience within debate. Through researching and attending lectures by topic experts and prominent debate figures, the Michigan Debate Institute provided multiple resources to improve every aspect of my debate skills. Being in the Seven Week Seniors Program has been one of the most enjoyable moments in my debate career, as it allowed me to interact with some of the brightest debate minds and form close connections with other debaters, creating relationships that have endured even beyond camp and debate. The welcoming lab leaders and talented peers made my summer the most memorable and rewarding experience I could have asked for."

- Valorie Lam, Little Rock Central High School (AR), 10/07/2019 ()

"Attending the Michigan Debate Institutes for the past three summers was easily the best decision I made in high school. The faculty in the Seniors lab were fantastic and always willing to help debaters with valuable feedback, research help, and excellent topic-specific and general debate lectures. Between numerous practice debates against the top debaters in the country and dozens of hours of file production, my partner and I entered the season feeling confident and excited about our year. Alongside debate, the Michigan Debate Institutes made my broader summers unforgettable. Whether it was prepping with people who have become my best friends in high school, grabbing Bruegger's bagels before morning lab, or watching the sunset in Law Quad, I know that the memories I've made in these three years are ones I'll hold close for a lifetime. I cannot recommend the Michigan camp enough to anyone looking to improve at debate and have a fun-filled summer."

- Rujuta Pandit, Glenbrook North High School (IL), 10/08/2019 ()

"My summer at debate camp was easily one of the most fun summers I’ve ever had. The sense of autonomy combined with the tangible sense of progress made every day feel new and interesting. I can’t understate the importance of being an in environment with the vast majority of the top debaters. The largest source of my improvement was simply consistently talking about debate with other nerds all day for 7 weeks. In addition, the lab leaders are incredibly high caliber and help with improvement immensely. The last and potentially most important part of camp is the social aspect. Over 7 weeks you’ll find a bunch of cool new people with similar interests and create strong and lasting friendships."

- Jeremy Margolin, Whitney Young High School (IL), 10/08/2019 ()

"Camp this past summer was a fantastic opportunity for a wide variety of skill development. Interactions with my lab leaders allowed me to seek out one-on-one training, and the lab as a whole was a friendly and educational environment. The frequency of practice debates combined with in-depth camp-wide lectures allowed me to quickly learn about the topic and leave me feeling knowledgeable and prepared to go into the competitive season. Additionally, the focus on research quality allowed me to become a more efficient and focused researcher. The campus and all of Ann Arbor are both beautiful, and I enjoyed every second of my time at camp."

- Margaret Hecht, New Trier High School (IL), 10/08/2019 ()

"My summer at the Michigan seniors program was hands down the most rewarding summer debate experience I could have asked for. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to spend 7 weeks with the highest-quality instruction from the most experienced and skilled debate coaches honing my debate skills and working with the best debaters in the country. While the work was tough, from hours in the library producing evidence to multiple practice debates each week to learning difficult concepts, the amount of progress I made was certainly worth the struggle. I recommend this camp to anyone dedicated to improving their debate skills in the atmosphere most conducive to it."

- Sam Meacham, Montgomery Bell Academy (TN), 10/11/2019 ()

“The Michigan Kritik Lab enabled me to progress my debate career in a way I wouldn’t have been able to without my time at Michigan. The lab leaders were knowledgeable, passionate, and funny, and each one specialized in teaching arguments I was genuinely interested in learning about. I gained an in-depth understanding of critical theory through reading primary sources and engaging in group lectures and discussions about material that paid huge dividends in my ability to plan, write, and execute my own arguments during the season.”

- Rema Bhat, Ronald Reagan High School (TX), 12/31/2019, ()