"I spent my last two summers attending the 7 week Michigan debate camp and plan on attending next year. The advanced coaching staff coupled with the rigorous yet rewarding curriculum ensured marked improvement in my debate skills. Students partake in various lectures given by the best debate coaches in the country to bring them up to speed on current events regarding the topic, as well as meta-level strategies to guarantee success in the upcoming season. My experience with lab leaders has been phenomenal, offering excellent feedback to improve as a debater from various angles, giving advice not only on how to prepare, but how to enhance my chances of victory during my debate rounds. Independently, the Michigan institute serves as a foundation for my preparedness going into the new debate season. My time within the Michigan Debate community has been nothing but fun, challenging, and rewarding for me and fellow teammates as well."

- Ahsan Tahirkheli, St. Mark's School of Texas (TX), 10/18/22, ()

"The past 7 weeks I was fortunate enough to spend at the Michigan 7-Week Program were extremely enjoyable and key to elevating my debate skills. The experience and expertise my lab leaders were able to pass on through daily lectures and frequent practice rounds will be invaluable for my debate career. Beyond the development of arguments, the research skills passed down with personalized suggestions and tips from lab leaders were a massive improvement upon my previous strategies. Combined with extremely detailed topic knowledge, Michigan left me in a great place for pre-season preparation. Additionally, having the opportunity to meet so many fellow debaters, even from other countries, fostered connections and friendships that will extend far beyond camp. Living on a college campus for a summer was a lot of fun, and there a ton of cool spots within Ann Arbor I was able to check out. I highly recommend the 7-Week Program to any debater wanting to improve upon their debate skills and find a community within the activity.”

- Christian Bohmer, Liberal Arts & Science Academy (TX), 10/2/2023, ()

“Attending the University of Michigan's debate camp was an absolute game-changer for me. From day one, it surpassed all my expectations. Not only are the Michigan facilities top-notch, but also the lab sessions were incredibly valuable; I saw my skills skyrocket from the first day of lab to the camp tournament. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the fantastic lab leaders; their dedication was truly inspiring. Practicing against top debaters from across the country was eye-opening, and every day I learned something new that would help assure my success during the season. The expert lectures were a treasure trove of knowledge, providing deep insights into the year's topic. Beyond the educational aspects, the friendships I forged at the camp were priceless. My lab felt like a close-knit community where learning was fun, and hard work was balanced with enjoyment. Recommending this camp is an understatement; I can't stress enough how transformative this experience was. It's not just about becoming a better debater; it's about becoming a part of an amazing intellectually curious community that supports and challenges you in pushing the limits of policy debate.”

- Sanjeeth Geevargese, Montgomery Bell Academy (TN), 10/1/2023, ()

“I had a great time attending the 7 Week Michigan debate camp! This summer, I formed life-long friendships, furthered my debate career, and debated against some of the best debaters in the country! I am so grateful that I was able to have this unique experience and urge others to attend this camp as well!”

- Winthrop Neubarth, Lowell High School (CA), 10/9/2023, ()

“Spending 7 Weeks at the University of Michigan Debate Institute was an unforgettable experience. Over the course of the summer, my debate skills grew to an extent that I could never have imagined. The nationally ranked coaches, high-tier practice debates, and expert lectures fostered an environment where debating was prioritized. During the day, I learned everything from broad season strategy to the technical minutia of a debate. Whether it be theoretical or material advice, this feedback provided me with insight on how the top debaters find so much success. Not only did I grow my technical skills of debate, but I also learned to hone my research skills into this year's topic. The access to the University of Michigan Library took me on adventures I'd never imagined thanks to its introductory course that taught me how to research academically. Outside of classes, I was able to develop a network of friends who are just as enthusiastic in debate. Finding like-minded people who also love debate spurred my eagerness to learn more. On top of that the dorms and dining halls were excellent and supplemented my great time in Ann Arbor. On the whole, the University of Michigan Debate Institute offers a well-rounded experience into the year's topic and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking to take the next step in their debate career.”

- Kavneer Majhail, Montgomery Bell Academy (TN), 10/4/2023, ()

"I had always felt like an outsider in the debate community. I didn't always know the names people would constantly repeat to me, I didn't know the absolute peak of high school debaters, and I barely even knew what bid tournaments were. But my time at Michigan has changed that, I went from someone who had relatively little exposure to high-level debating to someone who could place very well at a bid tournament despite my lack of resources. More importantly, I managed to make so many connections with those from different backgrounds. Debate is very stressful and whenever I feel the weight of the activity on me, I can always lean back on the strong community and the friends I made at the Kritik Lab. Not only had I made friends with my peers, but I also made strong connections with my lab leaders and other coaches all around the nation. I give my strongest recommendations to Michigan for those who feel like they might have hit their ceiling in debate or want a rigorous and entertaining camp experience."

- Amanti Washington, Kenwood Academy (IL), 10/3/2023, ()

"Having attended the University of Michigan Debate Camp for two years already, I know that it's the best. I know that Michigan is the best just because of the breadth of resources available to me as a debater there. In past years, I have had amazing experiences with my lab leaders, and running into them at tournaments throughout the season has been awesome. I want to continue those positive experiences for another year, and I know that I can only do that at Michigan. Debate is a part of my life now and is a space for community building. I think that debate is a great space for forming long-lasting relationships, and that is something that I want to be a part of for another year. There are just so many people at the Michigan Debate Institutes, from all parts of the country (and other countries). I want to be a part of that community again, because of the relationships I've formed in the last couple years."

- Avinash Shah, New Trier High School (IL), 11/27/2022, ()

“In my time as a debater, no experience has been as valuable and transformative as the time I spent in Ann Arbor last summer. This summer, I hope to experience lab friendships and learn from the incredible lab leaders. The comprehensive framework lecture was the best I've had, and it is something I draw from whenever I enter a debate against the Kritik. From my time with teammate Coralynn Yang, I realized the unique position that debaters with competitive success have as part of a broader community.”

- Devin Lai, Palo Verdes Peninsula High School (CA), 11/8/2022, ()

"The past 3 summers at Michigan 7 Week have been crucial for my debate career. The lectures, research, and practice debates are challenging, helpful, and rewarding. The lab leaders at Michigan are incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable. They do an excellent job teaching debaters about the topic and helping debaters to improve their overall skills. All of the lab leaders give detailed feedback on practice debates, practice speeches, and research, and they are some of the smartest people I have ever worked with. The curriculum was a great balance of lectures, research, and practice debates. They also incorporate student feedback about lecture topics and research interests, which allows debaters to learn about things that interest them. Learning from some of the brightest debate minds has been instrumental in my growth as a debater. Additionally, I really benefited from the competitive atmosphere that enables hard workers to succeed. Debaters are always challenged and pushed to improve. However, there is still sufficient leisure time to avoid debaters getting burned out. The campus is also beautiful, with tons of cool places to go and check out. Ann Arbor is a gorgeous place to spend seven weeks of the summer."

- Eleanor Barrett, Liberal Arts & Science Academy (TX), 10/17/22, ()

"My experiences the past three summers attending the Michigan Debate Institutes have been utterly incredible. I owe so much of my success in and love for this activity to the camp and strongly urge prospective attendees to attend the camp. The knowledge and passion brought by all of my lab leaders have been critical in my development as a debater. Every single lab leader was dedicated to helping me hone my skills as both a speaker and a researcher. The depth of the camp’s lectures provided me with a strong foundation for the year’s topic, which made research and debating in the season much easier. Before attending camp, I would often fear missing too much of my summer back home, but every time I got to camp I would realize how fun camp truly is. Looking back, I wouldn’t have traded an extra seven weeks of my summer for the life-long friendships formed at camp and the incredible experiences outside of the lab room. Those moments of community-building provided the perfect balance of work and fun."

- Raleigh Maxwell, Montgomery Bell Academy (TN), 10/17/23, ()

"Having attended the Michigan 7-week debate camp this year, I can confidently say it is one of the most enriching experiences debaters can have. The rigorous practice debates combined with lectures from some of the best debate minds in the country guarantee debaters leave camp with an in-depth knowledge of the topic, as well as a vast improvement in general debate skills. On top of lectures and practice debates, I’ve found lab time to be particularly valuable. My lab leaders have been encouraging and intelligent, giving specific feedback that has undoubtedly improved my debating. I still regularly reference my notes from a 6-hour competition lecture given during lab. Beyond debate skills and topic education, this summer was incredibly fun. The weather is great, the campus is lovely, and there are lots of food places and cute coffee shops. After lab, my friends and I would often walk up State Street to get Boba at Sharetea or ice cream at Michigan Creamery. I’ve made close bonds with debaters from across the country, who I then see at tournaments, making those events more fun. I would recommend Michigan to any debater looking for an enjoyable and educational experience."

- Anita Sosa, Liberal Arts and Science Academy (TX), 10/18/23, ()

"The 7 Week Seniors Lab made me the best prepared I have ever been going into a year of debate. The lab leaders were knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to answer my questions. The rigorous schedule of practice debates sharpened my argumentative skills and provided great training grounds for the season ahead. The other students in my lab were brilliant and made me a better debater every day. I would 100% go back."

- Cy Turner, Montgomery Bell Academy (TN), 10/26/2023, ()

"As this was my first time attending the 7 Week Michigan Debate Camp, the sense of community that I experienced is something that cannot be replicated anywhere else. The lectures are given by some of the most distinguished people in the country and the knowledge you gain helps you throughout the rest of the season. My lab leaders provided incredible feedback and were great mentors who supported and cared for the debaters throughout the camp. They answered every question imaginable and were always willing to help. The rigor of the schedule is something that is unique to the UMich Debate Camp. Researching everyday allows you to be much more knowledgeable in debate rounds. That combined with a plethora of competitive debates against the best debaters in the country has truly helped me become a better debater today. Additionally, I was able to form amazing friendships with my peers. Almost every day my friends and I would go get Boba after lab and enjoy our summer in Ann Arbor. These are some of my favorite camp memories and the reason I look forward to seeing everyone at tournaments throughout the year. I strongly encourage anyone looking to have a great summer and grow as a debater to attend!"

- Iman Suleman, Blue Valley West High School (KS), 10/27/23, ()

"I have been attending the Michigan Debate Institute for the past 4 years, and I can confidently say that my debate skills have grown because of it. I have had the opportunity to be coached by some of the most knowledgeable coaches across the country and debate against some of the most talented debaters as well. I received valuable feedback whether it was geared towards the speeches I gave, the research I did, or truly anything else. The challenging practice debates and rigorous file work was instrumental to my growth as a debater. I am so lucky to have found a supportive community through the UM debate camp for the past four years. I’ve developed close bonds with so many people in my lab, and I know that I will stay in touch with them for years to come. I would highly recommend attending the UM debate camp."

- Mahi Shah, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools (IL), 11/1/2023, ()

“I had the opportunity of attending the Michigan 7-Week Program my junior year and the Classic 4-Week program my sophomore year. There I was able to hone my debate skills and learn more. I had amazing, experienced lab leaders who gave me ample feedback to improve in various drills and practice debates. Not only that, but I also listened to lectures from some of the best debaters in the world that prove to be invaluable for my debate career. Aside from learning arguments, I was also taught many computer and research skills. I got feedback tailored to my work. All of which left me with in-depth knowledge of the topic and better prepared for the season. Furthermore, I met many talented debaters across the country that have grown to be some of my closest friends. I have learned so much from them and enjoyed walking around Ann Arbor with them. UMich is truly an exciting, lively college and living there for debate camp was the highlight of my summer, making me fall in love more with the atmosphere of the school and debate community. I highly highly recommend Michigan Debate Camp because I couldn’t have asked for a better summer.”

- Risha Kohli, Alpharetta High School (GA), 11/2/2023, ()