"The 7-week debate camp at the University of Michigan has been integral to my high school debate experience and has allowed me to make lasting connections with numerous debaters who share my passion for the activity. The staff at the University of Michigan Debate Institute are fully dedicated to improving each debater’s skills and preparing them for the upcoming season. Through carefully prepared lectures, drills and countless practice rounds, debate camp at the University of Michigan allowed me to truly hone my skills and improve as a debater. Without instruction from talented and well-regarded coaches and lab leaders, I would not have had the same confidence or level of preparation beginning each season. The University of Michigan’s adaptation to the virtual debate world demonstrates the care they have for their debaters and the level to which they want to see them succeed. The debate community at the University of Michigan is expansive and provides you with connections and support throughout each season. I am so grateful to have been able to attend the seven-week debate institute at the University of Michigan and for the opportunities and experiences it provided me with."

- Hanna Rice, Salt Lake City West High School (UT), 11/25/2020 ()

"The 7 Week Seniors Program at the University of Michigan was the most rigorous and rewarding summer debate experience I've had so far. The University of Michigan Debate Institute features some of the greatest lab leaders and coaches across the country, and it was an honor to work with them. Not only did we receive top-tier lectures that prepared me for the upcoming season, but we also had countless practice diabetes with talented peers. The Seniors lab was incredibly supportive, even over the online format, and I've made long term friends at this camp that made the experience an all around amazing experience."

- Dhruv Ahuja, Chaminade College Preparatory School (CA), 11/29/2020, ()

"The Kritik Lab was one of the most educational, entertaining, and enjoyable experiences of my life. It taught me how to research and execute original arguments in a manner that is both novel and strategic and shaped my understanding of the content and value of debate arguments. Even online, I was able to form personal connections with many of the best debate minds in the country, and form lasting friendships. The lab leaders all made an effort to get to know me personally and work on my individual growth. The experience left me with memories, relationships, and skills that will last a lifetime."

- Eugene Bressler, Calvert Hall College High School (MD), 11/25/2020, ()

"The past three summers I’ve spent at the University of Michigan debate camp have been transformative. Not only was I able to work alongside the most talented debaters in the country, but I also had the opportunity to listen to lectures from policy experts, do extensive research, and engage in both interesting and informative conversations with top-tier coaches. Even online, Michigan Debate provided an engaging and educational experience that immensely improved my debate skills. I could not have chosen a better way to spend those 21 weeks"

- Sarah Davidson, Notre Dame High School (CA), 11/24/2020, ()

"My experience at the 2020 7 Week Seniors Program was valuable and transformative to my debate career. The lab leaders did a wonderful job of adapting to the online format, providing personal advice, and fostering a fun environment. All of the lectures were in-depth and informative, and the practice rounds and drills were competitive on the highest level. The resources and instruction that this camp provided allowed me to greatly improve my research skills, and it could not have prepared me better for a season of competitive success. Furthermore, I formed many valuable friendships with my fellow debaters. I would strongly recommend this camp to anyone looking for a rigorous and enjoyable debate camp."

- Madeline Galian, Salt Lake City West High School (UT), 11/24/2020, ()

"The University of Michigan seven-week debate camp provides an unparalleled quality of education and training for the competitive season, and I'm so glad that I returned for my senior year. The lectures are engaging and rich, featuring various lab leaders, experts specializing in the topic area, and well-known authors. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the speakers during Q+A sessions, in addition to one-on-one skill development with my exceptional lab leaders and frequent, high-quality practice debates. As someone who enjoys file production, the structure of the camp's card-cutting process and the University's massive online library left me feeling prepared and educated going into my first tournament. The diversity in the lab leader's experience, expertise, and personality is a strength of the program because each camper quickly finds their place and an opportunity to thrive. I highly recommend the camp to all debaters, as there is a spot for everyone at this camp, from the most-committed future TOC champion to beginners looking for guidance."

- Margaret Hecht, New Trier High School (IL), 11/27/2020, ()

"This past year at the University of Michigan K Lab was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Not only was I able to receive daily lectures on critical argumentation, but I was also able to gain exposure to a variety of literature bases and work with some of the smartest minds in debate on a daily basis. What is especially unique about the K lab was the diversity of expertise in the lab leaders- no matter what inquiry you had, there was always a lab leader there with a nuanced understanding of the argument. The lab leaders also strived to give us a fun and unique experience and instilled in us the confidence to innovate throughout the season. In addition, the challenging practice debates allow you to debate some of the best competition from around the country. I left this camp a better debater and fully prepared for the season with unique strategies and views on debate that I still employ today."

- Pranay Ippagunta, Northview High School (GA), 11/25/2020, ()

“The University of Michigan’s Seven Week Debate Program allowed me to develop as a debater, person, and critical thinker. Michigan’s top-notch faculty members take time to answer questions, listen to redos, and prepare comprehensive topic lectures, differentiating Michigan from other debate camps. Above all, however, Michigan’s program forges enduring, meaningful friendships. Interacting with top debaters and coaches across the country in a competitive format empowers students to attain success within a supportive community. I would highly recommend the Seven Week Program!”

- Akhil Iyengar, Bellarmine College Preparatory (CA), 11/25/2020, ()

"Even though camp was online, the faculty and the University of Michigan made sure it was as identical to in person as possible. I can't think of a more helpful group of experienced lab leaders than the ones we worked with, especially during virtual camp. Everything I expected and wanted to achieve from the program was surpassed, as the resources and experience from the faculty helped me reach my goals and so much more. There is no doubt in my mind that the program helped set me up for success, and gave me every opportunity I could ask for to improve my ability as a competitor."

- John Marshall, Lawrence Free State High School (KS), 11/28/2020, ()

"The 7 Week Seniors program at the University of Michigan has been instrumental to my improvement and success as a debater. After attending the camp for three consecutive years, I can confidently accredit nearly all of my improvement to the instruction and discussion with the lab leaders and other students. Despite the virtual format, the in-lab lectures were just as engaging and informative as in previous years, and the quality of the practice debates was undiminished. The lab leaders did a great job making accommodations for the virtual format that made it easier to bond as a lab and prevent burnout from being overworked. The quality of the insight and feedback provided by the lab leaders regarding information specific to the topic, debate technique, and research skills is unmatched by any other camp. I would strongly recommend attending the University of Michigan Debate Camp to any students interested in attending a debate camp this summer."

- Tony Miklovis, Glenbrook North High School (IL), 11/24/2020, ()

"Spending two summers at Michigan 7 Week was one of the best choices I could have ever made for my debate career. Not only did I meet great friends, I've also become an immeasurably better debater and researcher. Both the camp-wide and in-lab lectures were incredibly informative and vastly increased my understanding of the topic and of debate itself. Even though I wasn't able to experience seven weeks in Ann Arbor this year, I still left debate camp incredibly satisfied with my decision, as I felt that the top-tier lab leaders, research, and competition were as good as they had ever been. The seven weeks that I spent (virtually) in Ann Arbor are some that I would never trade for anything, developing my technical skills and building new friendships in an unforgettable way."

- Austin Kiihnl, Caddo Magnet High School (LA), 11/26/2020, ()

"This past summer at the University of Michigan debate camp has been nothing short of fantastic. The lab leaders and staff at UMich provided both an educational and entertaining experience, even considering the online platform. The atmosphere of being surrounded by top debaters and coaches from around the country made the camp unique and inspiring. The camp’s lectures from incredible faculty, practice debates against talented debaters, topic research resources, and skill development was crucial to helping me feel prepared and ready to debate pre-season. Throughout the 7 weeks that go by all too fast, you’re guaranteed to become a better debater and make new friends while you’re at it."

- Rayeed Rahman, Mamaroneck High School (NY), 11/28/2020, ()

"Although I wish I could have spent my last summer of debate camp in person at beautiful Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan online debate camp did not disappoint. Throughout my 7 weeks in the senior lab, I had the opportunity to not only learn from some of the most incredible debate minds in the country, but also participate in practice debates almost every day against the top teams in the nation. While I certainly grew as a debater technically and prepared for the upcoming season, I am also thankful for the opportunity I had to make amazing friendships (even over zoom) with other debaters and feel like part of a community where students are excited to see one another succeed."

- Lexy Yeager, Meadows School (NV), 12/1/2020, ()

"The UMich K Lab is a phenomenal experience for anyone interested in learning and debating the K. The structure allows you to gain robust knowledge of critical theory in many fields while maintaining a high technical proficiency that can be utilized to win debates. My love for the K Lab stems from this balance because it allows me to engage the theory I love while learning to win the debates I love to be in. For those students with goals to go above and beyond, the K Lab will reward and enable your hard work so that only the sky is the limit. Each lab leader wants the best out of each student and is willing to push you to any goal you set. The lab leaders are all great teachers, fantastically smart, and will make sure they can help you work through the toughest articles, ideas, and debates. The atmosphere is unmatched. The fellow attendees are some of the hardest-working, smartest and nicest people I've ever met. Each person always seemed ready to work and ready to cooperate to help the lab move forward. Even when being online can make it hard to interact with other people, I had one of the most fun experiences of my life. I would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone considering attending."

- Townes Schultz, Westside High School (TX), 12/28/2020, ()