2020 UM Debate Camp Lecture Titles

2020 Camp CRJ Topic Specific Lectures (34):

CJR Topic Lecture

Race in Criminal Justice

Criminality and Anti-blackness

Survey of Forensic Science

Survey of Policing

Survey of Sentencing

Criminal Procedure

Executive Authority in CJR

DNA Collections and Databases

Counter Surveillance

Mandatory Minimums



The Death Penalty

Immigration/Abolish Ice

Civil Forfeiture

Juveniles and the Criminal Justice System

Privatization of Prisons: History, Politics, and Consequences

Alternatives to Prisons

Restorative Justice Models

White Collar Crime

CJR Case Studies

Case Study on Chicago Police Abuse – Burge & Watts

Extrajudicial Detention and Criminal Justice Reform

States: Their Role in CJR

Debating Against the States Counterplan on the Affirmative

Debating Lopez

The Politics of Criminal Justice Reform

Debating the 2020 Election

Debating Word PICs on the CJR Topic

Covid-19 Influence on the CJR Topic

Topicality on the CJR Topical

Process Counterplans on the Topic

Debating Process Counterplans on the Affirmative

2020 Camp Courts Lectures (9):

Overview of Supreme Court

Overview of the Judicial System

Supreme Court Cases: 4th Amendment

Supreme Court Cases: 14th Amendment

Supreme Court Cases: 6th Amendment

Supreme Court Cases: 8th Amendment

Debating Distinguish

Debating Court Politics

Debating Constitutional Amendment

2020 Camp Kritik Lectures (18):

Introduction to the Kritik (2 parts)

Reform vs. Revolution

Foucaultian Theories of Crime


Settler Colonialism


Seminar with Frank Wilderson and Anna Agathangelou

Seminar with Fred Moten and Alexander Weheliye



“Bataille and the Law: Sovereign, Subject and Transgression”

“Becoming Imperceptible: Deleuze and Criminality”

“Legal Feedback Mechanisms: Introduction to Cybernetics and Control Systems”

“Behavior Modification: Cybernetics, Law and Surveillance Capitalism”

“The Concept of Justice: Derrida and Lyotard” (2 parts)

Extinction/Big Impact Strategy Aff./Neg. versus the Kritik

Defending Soft-Left Affirmatives vs. the Kritik

Debating the Case vs. Kritik Affirmatives

2020 Camp Skills/Theory/General Argument Lectures (24)

Research – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced



Judge Adaptation

Fiat Series

Block Writing

Debating the Case in the Block

How to Win Case Debates

Negative Strategy & Being an Effective 1N

The 2NR

The 2NR in Kritik Debates

The 2AR

Affirmative Strategy

Debating Topicality

Debating Soft Left Framing

Defending Solvency with Data

Debating Economy Impacts

Debating Hegemony Impacts

Rights Malthus

Global Warming

DeDev: Not All that It’s Cracked Up to Be

Pinker and the Improving World

Cancel the Politics DA

Covid-19 and impact debates (probability vs. magnitude, economy, hegemony, disease impacts more generally, global/allied relations, and internal country stability)